Is it true that it is against the law to remove a family member from a will?

Answer On One Hand: You decide who is in your willThe purpose of a will is to let you decide who gets your possessions after you die. If you choose to change your will, you get to decide who to remove an... Read More »

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Is it true that if you have sex with a family member........?

Why do so many Abuse websites and talk shows that deal with abuse suggest that the victim get counseling when it is plain that this will just be another thing for the abuser to use against her?

Answer If the victim hasn't left on her own, it's obvious that just telling her to leave won't make much sense. Most responsible advice tells the abuser and victim to go to counseling so that the ... Read More »

Is it true that if you put an iPod touch on top of a bag of ice, that you will get better wi-fi?

The supposed theory is that this will cool down the iPod and its WiFi antenna, and that cooling somehow makes it connect better to WiFi.If you know anything about electronics, this is just silly. T... Read More »

I heard that if you kiss someone with cavities that you will get them as well. I doubt this is true, is it?

I'm a Dental Hygienist and I went to a CE meeting that said the bacteria that causes decay IS contagious and not hereditary! So your friend may be right. Don't share drinks, this is the biggest way... Read More »