Is it true that if you sleep less you live longer?

Answer Really? Well I lack sleep so yeah I hope so! :D

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Does 6 hours of sleep everynight make you live longer?

Its all about what your body require. If you feel fresh after 6 hours sleep than every thing is okay and no problem there. Take healthy diet always work hard and stay happy these will keep you alwa... Read More »

Is it true that majic johnson no longer has hiv?

No it is not. HIV is a virus with no cure so once you have it you always will until you die from it or there is a cure. I don't know why people are so hung up about him having HIV.

Is it true that signing up for Medicaid will get you less financial aid for college?

No it will not affect your financial aid; however, two-able bodied young adults will not qualify for Medicaid - it's available for low-income individuals under the age of 19 (children), the elderly... Read More »

Is it true that software can be less accurate depending on the function used?

Yes, that's correct.When doing math with real numbers, most software actually uses floating point arithmetic. This has a certain limited amount of accuracy (out to a certain number of total digits)... Read More »