Is it true that when you sneeze ..?

Answer In Japan, according to Devon, there’s one that has to do with how many times you sneeze…It says if you sneeze once, it means someone is praising you;If you sneeze twice, it means someone is cri... Read More »

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Is it true that if you keep your eyes open when you sneeze?

Yes indeed it is.I always wear a pair of motorcycle goggles whenever I have a cold so I can catch the little blighters if I get caught out with a sneaky sneeze.

Is it true that if you sneeze six times in a row you have an orgasm?

I wouldn't have thought so... else that girl who sneezes about 20-30 times a minute would never have functioned long enough to give an interview about her condition (do you remember her - she was i... Read More »

Why does my cat sneeze all the time?

All cats sneeze occasionally, but a cat who sneezes all the time could have an underlying medical condition. Watch your cat closely to determine if the sneezing is a sign that something is wrong.Fr... Read More »

I have to fart all the time?

Try cutting stuff out of your diet for a week and see if cutting lactose out makes it go away there is milik that is processed in a way for lactose intollerent people.