Is it true that if you eat an animal, you take it's soul and gain it's life force?

Answer Yes.

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How to Be the Life and Soul of Any Party?

Are you the bashful or shy type at a party? Well that can all change, if you so desire. Here are some steps to get you to party hard and get you ready to rave it out at the next gathering!

Why do people say: ''vegans value animal life over human life''?

For a couple of reasons:They are stereotyping.They are attempting to create conflict.They are ignorant of the spirit of veganism.Don't get me wrong. There are several vegans that post here in VV th... Read More »

Is it true that if I go vegan, I can't gain any muscle?

Muscle is built from proteins, and the most abundant supply of them to your body is from meat. Eggs and dairy can provide protein as well. The only vegetables to provide significant proteins are le... Read More »

Which is more important human life or animal life?

There's no debate - the answer is human life - but we should also be compassionate towards animal life.