Is it true that if a woman does too much heavy lifting her womb will drop?

Answer never heard that.......

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How much heavy lifting is safe for a 92 year old man?

I would say extra security, maybe a bodyguard. If the old man isn't dead by the end of it, he'll be coming after you. Dr. Frank made me laugh, as intellectually apparent as his answer is, if he wou... Read More »

Is it true that adding a drop or two of bleach to each bottle of water you drink will cleanse your body and?

Well yeah.They even make color-safe bleach for non-whites..

I have a job that requires lots of lifting of heavy objects. I don't want to injure my back?

You'll be okay the way you're doing it now. Practice makes perfect. You see, getting injuries is like getting through the woods. You have to keep going until you reach the other side.

How Much Protein Should a Woman Have Who Is Lifting Weights?

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