Is it true that nothing has a color, but our brains actually creates the colors?

Answer Visible light is a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. This spectrum also includes things non-visible forms of radiation, like microwaves, radio waves, gamma rays, etc. All of these type... Read More »

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Is it true that "monkey brains" are considered a delicacy in some countries?

Yes & its disgusting. There is nothing I hate more than animal abuse of ANY kind.

If it says that all humans alive had ancestors that were dark skin on wikipedia, is that true?

The fosil record looks like humans evolved and migrated from africa, so dark skin makes sense. . .

Are humans the only mammals who can't breastfeed their young?

I think it is mainly a human thing. Many women say that they couldn't breastfeed, but the reason is rarely physical.Do you know of any other mammal who would have something better to do than feed t... Read More »

Is it true that the blood in a humans vein is actually blue before it gets in contact with oxygen?

Blood is *never* blue. Blood is described as dark red (venous) or bright red (arterial). Our veins look blue because we are looking at them *through* our skin. The blood inside them is dark red ... Read More »