Is it true that having ur laptop plugin kills ur battery?

Answer On the topic of battery life, some say it is best to take the battery out while others contend that it is better to leave it plugged in. I'm the kind that likes to leave the plug in, but there are ... Read More »

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Is it true that I should keep the battery out of my laptop... ?


Is it true that excessive alcohol consumption cells brain kills?

Of course not! The problem lies in not drinking enough. You see, the body needs a lot of alcohol daily to build up immunity. After a while the alcohol begins to help you make new brain cells. A lot... Read More »

Is this true about laptop battery lifespans?

Power Drills use NiCad batteries, and your story is true with that type of battery. Almost NO laptop uses NiCad batteries.Here is an article that suggests that HEAT is a problem. These tips can m... Read More »

I want to buy an Apple laptop. Is it true that there are no viruses that could affect it?

Hi, Mac OS X is getting vulnerable to viruses as its getting more popular. You will need to run a firewall at all times so no hacker gains access to your system. There r anti virus programs out for... Read More »