Is it true that gin is more toxic to the liver than other kinds of booze?

Answer Not true with the methods used in Great Britain or the United States today, but at the turn of the century they used copper with lead and other heavy metals to distill it. The heavy Metal poisoning... Read More »

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Is it true that Homoeopathic medicine are more effective than other medicines?

Perhaps you should have asked are they 'as effective' rather than more than. I was on antidepressants for ten years, and a high dose at that. Doctors were no longer talking about me coming off th... Read More »

Why Are Gems More Valuable Than Other Kinds of Minerals?

Gems contain mineral structures that produce unique colors, surface lusters, hardness and transparencies. Not all collectible gems contain all of the necessary attributes to make them valuable, but... Read More »

A material other than a gas that is know to be so toxic to humans that it poses a health hazards during transportation is called?

No. Botulism is a deadly poison usually found in carelessly canned food.

Is it true that if i buy a Mac i'll be considered more trendy and more wealthy than all the PC geeks?

Doc, you will still be the same sweet, lovable guy you have always been. Even if you do become more trendy and get your picture in the social pages I feel very confident that It will not change you... Read More »