Is it true that garlic is good for your heart?

Answer the answer is yea it is good for your heart. healthy arteries are like flexible tubes when they get injured the body produces s ticky stuff to patch those areas up.that is called plaque.garlic in t... Read More »

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Is it true oatmeal is good for your heart?

yes however a person has to stop eating other foods that are fatting and greasy for the oatmeal to work

Is it true that taking garlic tablets can act as a natural mosqito repellant?

Garlic, a common staple found in countless kitchens and recipes worldwide, long has been considered a special food - not just for the unique flavor it imparts, but also for its medicinal value. Bot... Read More »

Is it true that drinking red wine is good for your health?

Red wine is rich in flavonoids, which are antioxidants since they scavenge free radicals. Free radicals are bad news, they are very reactive and they participate in a chain reaction of successive o... Read More »

What are some of the things that are good and bad for your heart?

Good for the heart:--* Aerobic exercise.* Low fat diet + fruits & vegetables.(vegetarian diet).* Omega-3 fatty acid.Bad for the heart:-- * High saturated fat diet may cause coronary artery disease.... Read More »