Is it true that excessive alcohol consumption cells brain kills?

Answer Of course not! The problem lies in not drinking enough. You see, the body needs a lot of alcohol daily to build up immunity. After a while the alcohol begins to help you make new brain cells. A lot... Read More »

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If passing out means killing brain cells, do getting drunk kill brain cells?

The idea that alcohol kills brain cells has long been promoted. The early temperance writers made this assertion and also insisted that the alcohol in their blood could cause “drunkards” to cat... Read More »

Does smoking marijuana, kill brain cells, or retard the brain cells?

It does kill brain cells over a long period of time. There are minimal effects to smoking pot. If you start young and continue smoking your entire life then you might be a little dumb. But if yo... Read More »

Is it true that having ur laptop plugin kills ur battery?

On the topic of battery life, some say it is best to take the battery out while others contend that it is better to leave it plugged in. I'm the kind that likes to leave the plug in, but there are ... Read More »

How to Diagnose Excessive Oil Consumption?

Are you continuously adding oil to your car but can not figure out where it is going. Low oil levels can damage your engine and could possibly cost you lots of money in the long run. Here are some ... Read More »