Is it true that every time you stub your little toe it breaks?

Answer No. It might feel broken, but it's not really. If it still hurts after a day, get it checked...that could mean it's broken. But it doesn't break every time it's stubbed.

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Is it true that when you are pregnant that there are little white floaters is your urine?

Answer Not necessarily. That could also be a kidney or bladder infection.

If a person consistently breaks up every time he gets vex what you shd do?

yes google talk shows how many of your friends are online.'

Is it true that your jawline will become a little smaller if you have your wisdom teeth extracted?

I recently had a large wisdom tooth removed from the top left and I reckon maybe it makes my jaw look very slightly smaller.AnswerThe most common reason of wisdom teeth extraction is that the jawli... Read More »

Is it true that you regularly break your little toe without knowing it?

oh man, I hope not - that's kind of scary.