Is it true that every time you stub your little toe it breaks?

Answer No. It might feel broken, but it's not really. If it still hurts after a day, get it checked...that could mean it's broken. But it doesn't break every time it's stubbed.

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If a person consistently breaks up every time he gets vex what you shd do?

yes google talk shows how many of your friends are online.'

What is the name of the tissue that breaks at the time of birth?

Answer The amniotic sac which surrounds the baby during its development breaks at some point during the labor, either prior to any other signs or sometimes babies are born with it intact.

Why are commercial breaks during TV movies much longer than regular commercial breaks?

One reason is probably because you are watching a movie and not a tv show so the programming people know you are going to keep watching the movie. I like to use those commercials to get popcorn, or... Read More »

How do you time true labor contractions?

You start the timing at the begining of one contraction until the pain stops, and time how long it lasts. This shows how long the contractions are, but in order to get the correct time apart for ea... Read More »