Is it true that eating the same thing every day can cause a weight loss plateau?

Answer If you eat the same thing everyday you will start to become deficient in vitamins and minerals. You could be eating the healthiest foods in the world but if it is the same 5 foods every day it's no... Read More »

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Will this get me out of the weight loss plateau?

Yah! I believe that could work, just make sure that you are pushing yourself and giving it your all. If you hold back then you won't get the best results. And make sure to be eating the right foods... Read More »

How do I ensure my weight loss does not plateau?

You may want to try switching up the type of aerobics and weight training you're doing. This will sort of shock your body into further weight loss, because the body does get used to workouts if the... Read More »

How to Break a Weight Loss Plateau?

You're doing everything right. Counting calories and lifting weights and doing massive amounts of cardio. One day, you realize that you've stopped burning fat. No longer can you fit into smaller an... Read More »

How to Work Through a Weight Loss Plateau?

Weight loss plateaus happen to nearly every dieter at one time or another, and they can be a frustrating part of the weight loss process. Methods for overcoming plateaus vary, based on how much wei... Read More »