Does coffee stop your growth?

Answer No, but coffee makes you stay longer in the day, when your sleep time doesn't in the growth hormone time (9pm-1am) then you will grow more slowerAnswer Coffee stunting growth is an old wives tale! ... Read More »

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Does tea and coffee really stunt growth?

Not really. It can't stunt your growth, but excess caffeine can deplete adrenal glands in the brain and eventually leave you tired. Try L-Tyrosine and avoid drinking coffee and tea all the time. On... Read More »

Does coffee REALLY stunt your growth ?

Coffee does not actually stunt growth. I know that parents sometimes tell their kids this so they wont drink coffee.And yes anorexia will prevent you from growing. Your body will barely (if at all)... Read More »

Does coffee stunt growth?

I belive so. My parents always tell me that because I'm so short and trying to her taller I'm only 5'9 but if its true I'll be this hieght forever I love coffee

Does coffee stunt your growth?

THE CLAIM: Besides the jitteriness, the insomnia and the prospect of one day beginning each morning in a long line at Starbucks, children have another reason not to drink coffee: It stunts their gr... Read More »