Is it true that coffee is a drug?

Answer True and unture, caffine a big part of coffee is a drug, and anything that enters our bodies through inhaling, eating, or whatever is a drug so food amd drinks are drugs, caffine, medicine all drug... Read More »

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Is it true that one can get a coffee enema?

you can get any kind i have even seen it done with warm milk

Is it true on the show Roseanne the guy that played Mark really died of a drug overdose?

I need to pass a drug test where can i find pills that will do that in 2 days the drug is pot?

There is a product called Health Tech that has a 200% money back guarantee. You could attempt to find this at your local health food store. Also, system cleansers are commonplace behind the count... Read More »

Is it true that a true lady does't drink from a pint glass & those that do are scum.?