Is it true that anyone can put up info on wikipedia?

Answer Ya, anyone could go on wikipedia and put up information but the site checks if its right.

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Anyone else beginning to feel that Wikipedia is a little 'suspect'/open to abuse/false info etc.?

As one answerer suggests, one should not depend on a single source for their information. Thomas Jefferson and his friends insisted on a free press despite the negative reporting they got. They fel... Read More »

Can I trust the info that Wikipedia gives?

No, you should not. It can be edited by anyone in the world! I once did a research report, and I used Wkipedia, and I got the wrong info.

If it says that all humans alive had ancestors that were dark skin on wikipedia, is that true?

The fosil record looks like humans evolved and migrated from africa, so dark skin makes sense. . .

Do you really trust the info that you get from Wikipedia?

With the exception of articles dealing with politically charged issues, yes. However, I have extensive experience editing Wikipedia and can quickly determine from the editing history and talk page ... Read More »