Is it true that an apple a day will keep the doctor away?

Answer This theory is centered around getting enough fiber. The problem with our food today is most of the food is over processed and it not left with a lot of fiber.'Five-a-day' - a new health campaign ... Read More »

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Proverb week - is it true an apple a day keeps the doctor away - if so what is in an apple?

Dear GoodYou know how this proverb came ? here it is.. a small storyAn apple seller and a doctor loved same girl. apple seller started giving an apple to the girl everyday. the Doctor asked: WHY ??... Read More »

Is it true that by hanging a plastic bag with water in it, it will keep flys away or is these a myth?

Some people still believe in it today & say it works for them while others say it doesn't work.One explanation is that: "it's an Amish technique where you can keep a clear bag of water over the ent... Read More »

Is it true that if you do get pregnant on the IUD the doctor will abort it because the IUD is in there?

It depends on the IUD. It is possible to get pregnant, although rare. But, no medical procedure will ever be performed on you without your consent. So, while the doctor may recommend abortion for y... Read More »

Is It true that if you keep your computer switched on, it will last longer.....?

In my case it's not true. I left my laptop on standby all the time (for about 3 or 4 months) and just recently had to get the hard drive replaced for 90 quid. So I'm gonna say no, it's not true.