Is it true that all babies have Synesthesia when they are born?

Answer Well it may be true however, has not been proven and there are many causes to Synesthesia that could happen even after baby stages.

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How come my daughter was born with one blue eye and one brown eye, both me and her dad has blue eyes .?

It's called 'Heterochromia' - although I didn't think this could actually take place with a different eye colour than the parents.How extraordinary!

Are Chinese babies born with a blue bum?

Yes, not only Asian babies, but Native American babies as well. I'm not sure why, but I know that they do for certain, because I'm Native American!:)

Born with blue eyes?

What sorts of food can I eat to ensure my unborn child will be born with brown hair and blue eyes?

The food you eat has nothing to do with it, it's what kind jeans you were wearing 3 days after conception.