Is it true that a hacker can get into your computer and delete your stuff ?

Answer Dear Sir Are Miss Yes this is really true because it has happened to me ok I lost my first yahoo answers account when I was on level 7 they took my password my user name every thing and plus I have... Read More »

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How do i delete stuff off my computer permanently?

delete itempty recycle binthen get a free space wiperif you get a wiper with DoD cleaning - it will be ALMOST unrecoverableIf someone is willing to run it through a CIA level recovery - you are SOL... Read More »

How to Delete Stuff From a Compaq Computer?

Clearing up space on your computer's hard drive is a necessary task to keep your system running in top condition. Delete some old files and folders from your Compaq's hard drive to free up room for... Read More »

How do I completely delete stuff from a computer?

Microsoft WindowsClick the file or folder you want to delete to select it. Select multiple files or folders by holding "Ctrl" on the keyboard as you click your selections. Click and drag the files ... Read More »

Is my son a computer hacker?

NO he is NOT a hacker. Flash is a program needed to display videos. Linux is an operating system similar to Windows, or MAC. It is used by computer programmers as the language of choice. The Proc... Read More »