Is it true that a broken condom and a six pack of beer makes a baby?

Answer No, you have to have sex to make a baby. A broken condom can be of assistance but no more.

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Some people say that Rootbeer is a type of beer.Is that true?

Grolsch beer, I just bought a bitter 4 pack of it, why was that?

that's because your taste buds have become accustomed to only the finest brandy. you're comparing prime rib to pork chops.b.q.: moosehead. it's a canadian beer, hard to find sometimes, but by fa... Read More »

What is a good food that goes with a 12 pack of beer?

Assuming your 12 pack is of a lager, Hot/Spicy pork rinds.

Is it true that your baby can get an earache if you had it when you were a baby as well?

While it is possible that you could have passed on some sort of genetic code that makes you susceptible to ear problems. It is more likely a random coincidence and without some genetic lab testing ... Read More »