Is it true that a baby be born with eight arms?

Answer Yes. A baby girl, Lakshmi , was born in Bihar, India somewhere around 2005. It was thought by some Hindus to be the re-incarnation or imbodiment of the Hindu goddess Vishnu, as she was supposedly b... Read More »

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If you were a baby, born with 3 arms, would you want to keep them all. Assuming they all 3 worked perfectly?

Assuming that I could control the actions of the 3rd one.....hell yes!

Will a baby born with a head full of hair change texture or color My baby was born with dark straight hair I have wavy brown hair and am caucasian and her father is Peurto Rican with curly hair?

Answer Well I was born with dark brown curly hair, and now mine is dead straight, and blonde! so it can change, but not always!

Is it true that if women delay having children more infants will be born with Down Syndrome?

It affects a person physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. They often have delayed development which means that they develop slower than other people. The delayed development normall... Read More »

Is it true a baby could be born on a full moon?