Does everyone with throat cancer have to breathe through those throat tubes Is it only caused by smoking?

Answer There is no such thing as throat cancer and those are not breathing tubes. Unless you mean when someone is in the hospital and they are intubated. If you have a laryngectomy you cannot speak so tho... Read More »

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Do I have throat cancer?

You might just have heartburn, and the neck problem could be from the sleeping at on odd angle, try to prop yourself up with pellows and if it isn't better in 1 week, then see a doctor.

If you have throat cancer?

The go see a doctor and get it treated.Treatment for head and neck cancer sucks in ways that are almost unimaginable. But the treatment beats the hell out of the alternative.

Could this be throat cancer?

1. Unless you re a smoker, no scope for your age.2. • Tonsillitis*:• How to diagnose the infected tonsils/lymph nodes— 1. Keep Ur mouth wide-open by putting down Ur tongue down. 2. Ask Ur fam... Read More »