Did you know that scientists have found that oral sex can cause throat cancer Would that stop you going down?

Answer Everyone's got to die of something or the other, why not something that gives two people satisfaction?We've been told that too much sex causes prostrate cancer: Read More »

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Is it true that diet sodas have chemicals in them that can cause cancer?

Diet pop has an artificial sweetener called Aspartame. There are studies TRYING to link Aspartame to diseases, such as, brain tumors, brain lesions, and lymphoma. It is not proven that this cause... Read More »

Is this true My boyfriend says that a girl can have an orgasm in her throat?

tell him that his tongue can have an orgasm if he flips it against your bean just right

PLEASE HELP , is that can lead to throat , thyroid , esophageal , lung cancer?

The answer to your question is a big ;; NO Some people smoke ALL their life and never had cancer ITS TOTALLY false ; when they say you smoke ;; and you will have lung cancer

Is it true that deodorants causes cancer?

i'm not sure, but i can't use them. u see i use to use deodorant under my arms and it gave me abstors(excuse me if my spelling is wrong)but anyway it was gross and i still bare the scars.just don't... Read More »