Is it true that Chris Brown is dead?

Answer No, that is just a rumor.

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Is it true that Chris Brown And Tyra Banks were seen kissing back stage on her talk show?

i don't think so! she don't like him like that. if so, it was just a friendly cheek kiss or something.

Is it true that if you shave a ginger bald and glue a brown wig on them they lose all their powers?

No, they'll still be super-creepy. You'll just negate the early warning system God installed on 'em.

I have a friend that is 14 and is depressed and i heard that medical marijuana can help that person is it true?

Sometimes Marijuana can help! thats trueBut for a 14 year old kid? Come on! Thats a Big NO!

Do health care providers have to disclose that I have AIDS?

Yes, health care providers can disclose that you have AIDS because of the Right to Know Act of 1986, which is designed to provide such information to other health care workers, for example. This do... Read More »