Is it true that 60% of women on the internet are actually males?

Answer The internet:Where men are men... and so are most of the women.

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Someone told me that there were pictures of naked women on the Internet, is this true?

WHAT a LIAR....I've been searching for the last 5 years for naked pics and I can't find any....LOL

Do women like to use social networking sites,not unlike males playing video games to relieve themselves of?

Personally, I do not relieve myself out to social networking, nor video games. I guess that's why so many modern video games have some type of stripper's club in them though.

Is it true that women don't masticate as much as men?

Is it true that only few women think about circumcision 'ª?

That is impossible to know and based on stats, I would say not true since so many male babies are circumcised. We circumcised our son and I still don't know how I feel about it. I mean, my husban... Read More »