What if you are being sexually abused and you are 11?

Answer If you are abused at the age of 11 it is very important to tell your parents. When you get abused you should get medical help and make shore you didn't get pregnant ( if you are a girl ). Also when... Read More »

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What should you do if you were sexually abused and you can't tell your mom and you're 11?

talk to someone you can trust, like a teacher or another adult family member

Celebrities who have been sexually abused?

Many celebrities have been sexually abused. A partial list... Oprah Winfrey Monique Terri Hatcher Tyler Perry Queen Latifah Tatum O'Neal McKenzie Phillips Fantasia Barrino Axl Rose Drew C... Read More »

What happens to sexually abused children?

It depends. If they don't tell anyone then nothing happens to them. But if they tell someone then they go to people who know all about it. And they talk to them and help them to get through it.

How to ask my child if they were sexually abused?

You need to be up front and honest because most children are not sure what sex abuse really is. Believe what the child tells you as they then feel confident in you helping them through this ordeal.... Read More »