Is it true parents are not allowed to pay for college and them paying is a gift?

Answer Parents don't have to pay for college, but they can. Your financial aid is based on your parents tax information because it's based on how much your parents COULD contribute, not necessarily how mu... Read More »

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Should a Responsible 14 year old Get a iPhone 4 if he's paying for the phone and the mom paying for the bill.It'd be for a birthday gift and a a small part of he's Christmas present?

Whether or not you are responsible can't be determined by yourself, that's an incredibly biased opinion. Personally, I think that if you're buying the iPhone yourself, you'll value it much more, an... Read More »

How to Avoid Paying Gift Tax?

Gift tax is a federal tax paid on property transferred to third parties, for less than fair market value. A person may transfer property to another for less than fair market value for estate or Med... Read More »

How to Find a Mother's Day Gift Without Paying a Lot of Money?

Do you want to buy your mom a cool mother's day gift, but don't have the money to buy that $30 bouquet or that $50 makeup kit? Read this guide to help you!

Is it true that we are going to have to start paying for Facebook?

Guys FACEBOOK IS NOT SHUTTING DOWN!The hoax, which is spreading like wildfire on Facebook, is not the first of its kind. Many scams have claimed Facebook will ask you to pay in one form or another,... Read More »