How to Get over a Cheater?

Answer Cheating sucks. It's the saddest thing when you find out too. But this will show you how to get over a cheater, and make him jealous too :)

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How to Get Even With a Cheater?

Cheating is a serious problem in relationships and one that we never hope to face. After being cheated on, we feel an urge to "get even". Take advice from these steps when you feel that urge.

My boyfriend is a cheater?

How to Cheat a Cheater?

Tired of someone taking your basket of glory? Maybe it's on the exam that they peep over or maybe it's just your ideas they're stealing, it's time to fight back.

How to Deal With a Cheater?

Do you suspect (or know) that a supposedly monogamous partner has cheated on you? You are not alone. Between a fourth and half of all attached partners will cheat (or have cheated) at one time or a... Read More »