Is it true justin bieber has started drinking!?

Answer I've seen this multiple times too and it saddens me that the icon of our youth is a drunk. I even saw a picture of him with a Smirnoff ice but when I returned it was taken down. But there has been ... Read More »

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Is that true that Justin Bieber hates Koreans?

ya i heard him say that..2bad cause his music sucks.

True or false : justin bieber will never be the king of pop?

Lol, whoever thinks Justin will be the king of pop is clearly on drugs...Without Michael there wouldnt even be a Justin Bieber....

Star this if you don't like justin bieber! Do you like justin bieber?

Did you know that Daniel Radcliff thought Bieber was a girl when he first heard his songs? lol

Justin Bieber?

HES AWESOME!!!!!!!! i subscribed to him.... ya i think he is awesomely great. :D