Is it true it's good to cough if you have a fractured rib?

Answer Jamie,Did she give you something called an incentive spirometer? It is a device that you inhale in and it will help expand your lungs.Also, if it hurts to cough, take a pillow and hold it close to ... Read More »

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I have heard that drinking your urine [pee-pee] is good for you,,is this true?

i like to dine out, i never order the peepee

Is Sinecod good for a cough?

On One Hand: An Effective RemedySincecod is good for treating a cough. Butamirate citrate is the active ingredient in Sinecod, according to the website Drugs Pro. Butamirate citrate is a cough supp... Read More »

Could i have fractured my jaw or is it my teeth?

Its weird that theres a missing piece and if that seems to be the case then i would go to a dentist/doctor but theres also something called TMJ that can make your jaw really painful. The pain occur... Read More »

Have I fractured my shin bone?

I can't tell from here. But massive bruising sounds more like a torn muscle than a hairline fracture.Next time, don't try to land on your feet. Just hit the ground and roll.