Is it true in order to move to las vegas you have to take an hiv test?

Answer Only if you plan to be a whore. All legal prostitutes are required to submit to a HIV/Aids test periodically in order to work as a prostitute. Any free lance street walker arrested for prostitution... Read More »

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Do I have to re-take a driving permit test if i move to a different country?

Hello Thais,You have to take your written test again in Texas. Here is what I found on out-of-state licenses:…Best

How to Order Someone to Take a Paternity Test in California?

The father of a child born in California to unwed parents does not have legal rights or responsibilities. This is important because it will be impossible for the mother to get child support unless ... Read More »

Is it true that what you Eat in Vegas, stays in Vegas?

no....she had an early flight to catch...BTW...

Is it true that after you move cross-country it could take a while for allergies or hay fever to catch up with you?

Answer Moved from NW MS to SE AZ and it hit me almost immediately - in MS it was a 2x's per year, that responded well to OTC meds - here in AZ it is constant - really severe, was tested and I reac... Read More »