Is it true in order to move to las vegas you have to take an hiv test?

Answer Only if you plan to be a whore. All legal prostitutes are required to submit to a HIV/Aids test periodically in order to work as a prostitute. Any free lance street walker arrested for prostitution... Read More »

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Is it true that what you Eat in Vegas, stays in Vegas?

no....she had an early flight to catch...BTW...

Can you help! I want to move to Vegas?

Check out, there are always listings for cooks/chefs, remember you might have to start with a step down though, casinos usually hire from within, and a chef job would go to a loyal emp... Read More »

Is it true that a dead body can move on its own?

Very true. After a short period of time the body will stiffen (rigor mortis) but a lot of times rigor mortis will reverse itself (the body will unstiffen) for a while before permanent stiffness se... Read More »

Where did shakespeare move in order to act in and write plays?