Is it true if a dog can eat it a human can?

Answer Well, dogs also eat their own crap sometimes, do you want to eat your own feces? You would get sick probably if you ate feces since it is bacteria.

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Is it true that the human body cannot process honey when you eat it?

Heya Sugar Plum:Honey is great food for anybody over one year old.Before that, our digestive systems are too immature to handle some of the bacteria that occur naturally in it. So after you're 12 ... Read More »

Is it true Human flesh tastes like pork,gammon.?

You are just sick along with your teacher, both of you need to visit a psychologist.

Odd question, but someone on YouTube says a human can survive on blood alone, true or false and how?

the history channel actually did a documentary on vampires disproving the entire notion, blood, from any animal can not be broken down in the human's digestive track and NO FORM of sustenance can b... Read More »

Is it true that beavers carry some sort of disease that a human can get by coming in contact with them?

Giardiasis, the proper medical term for beaver fever, is an disease caused by Giardia lamblia, a one-celled, microscopic parasite protozoa found in stagnant waters where animals, like beavers and m... Read More »