Is it true-------something on Youtube?

Answer It is sooooo totally true I did in fact die from the very same thing..

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Is this true about youtube?

I don't think there is a lot of porn out there, but there is some wierd stuff out on youtube. I would not let a child browse youtube unsupervised.

If my YouTube account is not set for my true age, can I still partner?

Possibly but you could make a new google account with your real age and then link your youtube account to the new google account instead of the old one

Is it true youtube closes in september about copyright on videos?

no its not youtube isnt doing anything wrong...just common myths from people that hate youtube, for some odd reason.

Odd question, but someone on YouTube says a human can survive on blood alone, true or false and how?

the history channel actually did a documentary on vampires disproving the entire notion, blood, from any animal can not be broken down in the human's digestive track and NO FORM of sustenance can b... Read More »