Is it too late to get stitches, should i go see a doctor?

Answer If you keep it clean it won't get infected. If it's open get to a drug store (or a grocery store) and buy some 'butterfly' bandages. If that's not practical, cut some strips of adhesive tape 1½-... Read More »

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I got a cut on my arm pretty bad too late to get stitches what now?

Sounds like you've done the right things, so far. If there's a good scab on it now, you can relax with the cleaning. Just keep an eye on it.(Next time, you might want to use butterfly bandages to... Read More »

How long does it take for a doctor to take stitches out?

4 stitches, about a couple of minutes. No it doesn't hurt. Yes it is very quick.I am a nurse and removed thousands of stitches in my career. It has never been a problem or painful.

Stitches Removed One is still 'there' as the doctor got all but one stitch.?

It is totally possible that your doctor could have missed a stitch when he removed them. It will not go away on its own. You need to return to the doctor and have the last one removed.

If I got three stitches in my finger and it does not look infected, but the doctor told me I had to come back?

Of course you can cut them out yourself. With a finger that is perfectly fine, since no one cares if a finger looks gruesome with a scar or badly healed stitch marks - though of course it will neve... Read More »