Is it $$$ to re-construct the outside of a house?

Answer it is not this $$$ it is $$$$

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Can my putting a modestly sized addition on my house diminish the value of my neighbor's house assuming it matches the existing house?

Given your categorization of this question, one must assume that you are both members of an association. Associations are run according to governing documents. So long as your addition is added acc... Read More »

How to Construct a Bog?

A Bog in your yard creates a focal point that few can match and it is not difficult to do. The Bog will be used to plant water loving plants that otherwise you couldn't grow.

How do I construct a clothesline?

Setting the PostsDig two holes in the ground, 24 inches deep, 12 feet apart. Place an 8-foot long, 4x4-inch post in each hole. Pour a bag of quick-drying cement into each hole. Pour one gallon of w... Read More »

How to Construct Your Own Tomahawk?

Constructing a tomahawk is quick , easy, and very fun too. An old tomahawk