Is it tinnitus i have or maybe just temporary ringing?

Answer I think it's probably tinnitus. Your doctor might give you a pill called Arches. It's to help tinnitus sufferers. I was given it, although it was too late for me to actually work (I think he said t... Read More »

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What causes temporary hearing loss and ringing?

Ringing of the ear is called Tinnitus.Inside your inner ear, thousands of auditory cells maintain an electrical charge. Microscopic hairs form a fringe on the surface of each auditory cell. When th... Read More »

Maybe I'm just over reacting?

The fact that he is taking her out of your sight and then she screams shortly afterwards makes me feel something is very wrong. There is no reason for him to take her upstairs EVERY time. And if ... Read More »

I'm kind of embarrassed about this so could you maybe just read the detail?

You could start working out. Like jogging in place, crunches/sit-ups, push-ups, ect. at home. You didn't put anything down for 6:00pm-9:00pm so within those three hours you could probably manage 30... Read More »

Do you think I might have tinnitus?

Tinnitus is something more like a symptom from a true disorder like Vertigo. It's like a disorder in ear or eyes where balancing is disrupted. I suggest you visit a doctor.