Answer I go to raves.They are yes yes amazing.But seriously if you don't even know the basics of a rave then why the **** go? This is whats ruining the scene. **** if you must know what a rave is...•A p... Read More »

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How to Be New Rave?

New Rave is the term used to describe Indie Pop and Rock bands that make use of electronic elements a lot more than average Indie bands, often having clear sounding influences from a vast range of ... Read More »

How to Rave in a Tent?

Raving can be a fun way to run off excess steam. Follow these steps to make your raving as enjoyable and safe as possible.

How to Dance at a Rave?

Raves are dance parties that are known for their fast, upbeat music, eclectic dancing styles and crazy, colorful clothes. How you dance at a rave is a pretty individual form of self expression, but... Read More »

How to Host a Rave?

A rave is an all-night dance party at which electronic, jungle, trance, and house music is played. Unauthorized raves are typically held in the woods or in abandoned warehouses, while legal raves a... Read More »