Is it the birth control or can I be pregnant Please help!?

Answer Birth control shortens or stops periods, so that could be why you dont have your period. Birth control and in pregnanices, you could have spotting in periods though. So its very normal for it to be... Read More »

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I'm having really bad cramps, had bleeding while not on period and i'm on birth control please help.?

Get to a doctor.Get to a doctor.Get to a doctor.WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS? GET TO A ******* DOCTOR!!!

If you get pregnant on birth control pills and continue taking them without realizing you're pregnant will it hurt the baby?

Answer, It can effect the baby more so if it is a female because of the hormones it the birth control pills.

List of Birth Control Pills That Help Control Acne?

In the quest to cure acne, people, especially women, will turn to every lotion, gel, scrub or ointment in order to cure their blemishes. However, some doctors are now prescribing oral contraceptive... Read More »

How to Get Pregnant on Birth Control?

Most of the time, using contraception correctly should prevent pregnancy. Birth control pills, for example, are between 95 percent and 99 percent effective. But if you are not careful, it is still ... Read More »