Is it that bad to smoke marijuana?

Answer Marijuana is not a highly addictive drug. There are hundreds of people who smoke it occasionally. Its the persons conscience decision to smoke pot.Interesting fact. Right now, its cheaper for me to... Read More »

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Do you smoke marijuana?

Well most of the people that tell you not to do it have never actually bothered to learn the truth about it and the truth is that things like you will die, it will kill you brain cells or you ambit... Read More »

Should I smoke marijuana?

Hi. I'll start off by telling you I go to a rather difficult school, have a number of AP classes, and have never had below a 3.0 GPA.And I'm a f*cking stoner.Marijuana will not make you dumb. It do... Read More »

Why is it okay to smoke marijuana?

It is the safest drug on the planet. Safer than alcohol and tobacco. Have you ever heard of someone dying from marijuana? No, because there is not a SINGLE recorded case of someone dying from it!Ma... Read More »

Can you give blood if you smoke marijuana?

I've donated blood while I was high before. They don't ask you if you smoke (although they ask you if you've ever done about a billion other things) and they don't test your blood for that, just HI... Read More »