I've taken 13 tablets of Extra Strength tablets within 12 hours so far in 12 hours, what will happen?

Answer this is perfectly alright. you are just killing your liver and probably doing untold damage to your stomach but since they can replace your liver and you can always go on a liquid diet go ahead an... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Acne Within 24 Hours?

You have a big presentation, or you're about to have pictures taken of you or you have a special evening planned in about 24 hours. However, your face just broke out. Now you have only one day to g... Read More »

D3 20000u capsules taken 2 within 24 hours?

no worry Up to 600,000iu one time "loading doses" are sometimes used to get someone extremely deficient rapidly & safely to normalized 25OHD levels I would not recommend this without testing firs... Read More »

Can implantation bleeding happen within 6 hours of unprotected sex?

no it does not occur until approx 6-7 days after intercourse.

How many hours of tv are kids supposed to watch?

There's no reason they need to watch any at all, so anything over zero hours per EVER is a bonus.