Is it supposed to burn when I pee?

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Are you supposed to cover a burn?

It is best to cover burns from the sun because the heat can irritate it and make it hotter. But you don't have to cover it when your in shade.

Is Aloe Vera supposed to burn Help please!.?

Depending how bad the burn is. It Can burn for a little while, but then it will soothe afterwords..

SABC - During a class about burn treatment a student relates a story about using butter to cool a burn. How should you respond?

Butter contains proteins which could encourage infection. You should only cool the burn with water, then keep the tissue moist under a sterile gauze.

Which type of burn requires immediate medical treatment due to the location of the burn?

face, hands and feet, genitaliaFace, Hands & feet, genitalia, (all the above)