Is it suicide to use Steroids :)?

Answer Honest opinion:Don't do them. It's like cheating on a test or stealing money; you get rewards, but its not honorable. You know that you didn't get your results with your best, hard work. Don't get ... Read More »

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Is it illegal to buy steroids?

In the United States, people can only get steroids, artificial forms of testosterone, if they have prescriptions from their doctors for the drugs. Doctors usually prescribe steroids for patients wi... Read More »

Are steroids nutritious?

I wonder why Morpheus felt like writing an 8-page paper on the subject.....hmmmmm.....:)I hear they don't taste half bad if you mix them in brownies.:)

Why do athletes take steroids?

Athletes have been using steroids for decades to enhance performance and help build muscle, according to the University of Minnesota. Steroid cannot be legally obtained without a doctor's prescript... Read More »

Are steroids safe for infants?

No, never give steroids to an infant.