Is it such a big deal to have low iron stores if your saturation is high?

Answer…as you can see, lentils and spinach have about twice as much iron than steak. Unless you're getting too much calcium from dairy if you eat that, or too mu... Read More »

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Why do Sound Reinforcement Subwoofers have such low excursion, but put out such high SPL at low frequencies?

The simple answer is that the larger the speaker's surface area, the shorter the excursion it need make to produce a really low note.

What is high oxygen saturation?

Oxygen saturation is the term used to describe the percentage of hemoglobin that becomes completely saturated, or filled to capacity, with oxygen for transport through the lungs. To be considered h... Read More »

Why do train stations have to have such high ceilings?

The high ceilings have nothing to do with aesthetics and everything to do with practicalities. When they were built, trains were steam powered and station were built with plenty of room to allow th... Read More »

Why do some vitamins have such high doses?

Isn't iodine necessary, especially for an under active thyroid?The RDA is for minimal needs, not optimal needs or upper limits. And the minimal needs is usually controversial so they include as lo... Read More »