Is it such a big deal to have low iron stores if your saturation is high?

Answer…as you can see, lentils and spinach have about twice as much iron than steak. Unless you're getting too much calcium from dairy if you eat that, or too mu... Read More »

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What is high oxygen saturation?

Oxygen saturation is the term used to describe the percentage of hemoglobin that becomes completely saturated, or filled to capacity, with oxygen for transport through the lungs. To be considered h... Read More »

Good stores for a freshmen girl in high school to shop at?

Forever 21, Delia's store or catalog,Alloy catalog,Old Navy

What are some foods that are high in iron?

A small list after a quick search ^-^LiverSunflower seedsTomatoes (sun dried)MusselsPumpkinApricotsClamsCaviarOystersSquash seedsSesame butterHopefully this helps!

What are the causes of high iron nausea?

Iron is a mineral and essential component of the proteins involved in transporting oxygen and regulating cell growth, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Excess iron intake is amo... Read More »