Is it stupid that my friend isnt allowed to wear a tampon!!!!!?

Answer Please ask your friend about her culture and religion. Many different religions have traditions and beliefs around menstruation and what might be odd to us is accepted tradition in their faith. I... Read More »

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My friend told me i have to be 19 to wear a tampon?

No, you can be any age (as long as you're on you period) to use a tampon, although it may be easier to use pads at first, although you shouldn't use them for swimming as the blood and stuff can sti... Read More »

How much makeup do you think that a 7th grader should be allowed to wear?

last year when i was in 7th grade i only used lip gloss and a little eye liner but if your allowed to wear mascara use a clear one so that its not too noticeable and doesn't clump as much

Can i wear a tampon if?

yes of course its going to be ok, you can wear one at any time. if its going to be light, even better :)

Can you wear a tampon in a tanning bed?

On One Hand: Tampons Are SafeYes, you can wear a tampon in a tanning booth. No harm will occur due to the use of a tampon. The tampon will remain just as effective. There is no reason not to use on... Read More »