Is it still safe to cook this chicken?

Answer If it were hours later, I'd say dump it. It probably wasn't in there long enough to completely need thrown out. Rinsing it with hot water then submerging it into boiling water will kill off any bac... Read More »

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Is my Chicken Salad Sandwich still safe to eat!?

I say go for it. What's the worst that can happen? Maybe a case of the squirts for a day or two...

How shall I cook this chicken breast?

how about Butter chicken, I tried it and it was just great!…

Stupid question.......when using chicken on pizza do you cook the chicken 1st or cook it on the pizza?

only cooked meats go on a pizza..never raw

Is this corned beef brisket still good to cook?

the pickling spices will keep the meat better for a longer time period. It should even be good in the middle of June!!corned beef is beef that has been brined in a heavy salt solution so it is pres... Read More »