Is it still possible to listen to the police on a police scanner?

Answer If I am correct, you are most likely either talking about trunked radio systems or digital radio systems. In both cases, you can listen to the police. You just need a newer scanner that can follow ... Read More »

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Can you still listen to the police now they have gone digital on a special scanner any tips?

YES. Depending on what you have you may have to buy a new scanner, or certain add-ons.In some areas they have gone to a "trunked" system that uses "rotating" frequencies as well as digital. (Simi... Read More »

How do i listen to police scanner online?

A good place to listen to online scanners is RadioReference

Where are the flint police scanner listen for free?

Could try going to and going to their live audio section.

How do you listen to live police scanner on my android phone?

The closest you can get is an app that allows you to listen to recordings of police,fire and other services from around the world. I had it, and it works best over wifi with broadband. If I rememb... Read More »