Is it still possible to listen to the police on a police scanner?

Answer If I am correct, you are most likely either talking about trunked radio systems or digital radio systems. In both cases, you can listen to the police. You just need a newer scanner that can follow ... Read More »

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How do i listen to police scanner online?

A good place to listen to online scanners is RadioReference

Is there a way a person could listen to a police scanner in your home PC?…It is kind of generic, but it is a place to start.

Where are the flint police scanner listen for free?

Could try going to and going to their live audio section.

I was interested in a Police Scanner or a CB for my home. Something to listen to while I am in my workshop.?

A cb would take a little more effort to set up. You would need a cb, power supply and antenna. A scanner would be easier to setup and use. You can search for you local area frequencies at Radiorefe... Read More »