Is it still possible to buy a new vcr?

Answer Yes:…

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Confused and am feeling weird - fainted never happened before and AF came but still some nausea lightheaded fluttering left side - tested negative Is it still possible to be pregnant?

Answer Yes - most times you will have to take more than one test - the best is a blood test by your doctor. Also, it sounds like it would be in your best interest to see your doctor concerning thi... Read More »

Is it still possible to be pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculates inside and afteryou have sex you go and pee are you peeing out the sperm or could you still be pregnant?

AnswerYes, you could still be pregnant. urinating after words has no effect on getting all the sperm out. If this happened recently and you think you may be pregnant but it has not been more than 7... Read More »

Since it is possible to be pregnant and still have regular periods if you take a home pregnancy test will the test come back positive or will it be negative because your body is still having its menstrual cycle?

Answer Regardless of menstruating or not your body will still have the hormones for a positive test.

Is it still possible for me to grow taller?

Assuming you are a woman,Tips from a grow-tall Doctor with copy-right: -The average range of genetic adult-height of a 14-year-2-month old, 5'1" girl, is about 5'1" to 5'4" tall.Part of the extract... Read More »