Is it still considered a body shot if you use your own body?

Answer You are pretty bendy I'm guessing?That is hot-;)

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What body is considered athletic body as opposed to thin?

Can you detox your body to get the depo shot?

On One Hand: Body Detox Suggested After Depo Shot .The U.S. Physician Prescribing Information about Depo-Provera Contraceptive Injection warns that "women who use it may lose significant bone miner... Read More »

How long will the mercury from a flu shot stay in your body?

The minuscule amount of mercury from the thimerosal preservative used in some doses of influenza vaccine (single dose vials of the vaccines for the 2009 A-H1N1/09 have no thimerosal in them), may l... Read More »

How to Coil Your Upper Body Against Your Lower Body During the Golf Backswing?

The key to a really powerful golf swing is a firm foundation in the backswing. The best way to maximize your backswing and efficiently drive the ball forward is with a coiled body. By turning your ... Read More »