Is it smart to turn stocks into cash to avoid estate tax?

Answer On One Hand: Folding Your Hand.For 2010, the federal estate tax has been repealed so the only estate tax you will have to pay is that of your respective state. Cashing in on your stock to avoid est... Read More »

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Should I Cash in My Mutual Fund Stocks?

Indexed annuities are a particular type of annuity that credits interest based on the upward movement of an underlying stock index. The index is usually the Standard & Poors 500, but can also be th... Read More »

How to Avoid Value Traps in Stocks?

Value investing is buying stocks that are perceived as being worth more than what you pay for them.[1] Stocks are valued most commonly by the net tangible assets of the companies they represent, ea... Read More »

What is a real estate cash contract?

A cash contract constitutes a sale where the property owner acts as the bank and the mortgage clause is removed. The cash contract has no reference to buyer financing, thus allowing the seller to c... Read More »

Is Cash Part of the Estate After Death?

Because cash is an asset, it is part of an individual's estate after death. According to the Internal Revenue Service, cash is subject to estate tax in the same way real estate, trusts, insurance a... Read More »