Is it smart to declare bankruptcy after retirement?

Answer On One Hand: Bankruptcy Can Be BeneficialA retiree with assets can protect items such as a home or car from creditors by filing for bankruptcy. Retirees without significant assets can file for bank... Read More »

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Can you declare bankruptcy after judgments are brought against you?

You can file bankruptcy after someone obtains a judgment against you, according to the U.S. Courts. The bankruptcy halts the progression of lawsuits and stays the judgment. If your wages were garni... Read More »

After how many years can I declare a second bankruptcy?

On One Hand: Chapter SevenA chapter seven bankruptcy erases almost all the filer's debts, with the exception of student loans and child support. If you have filed chapter seven before, you can file... Read More »

Can an llc declare bankruptcy?

An LLC, or limited liability company, can file for bankruptcy. LLCs are popular because they offer limited personal liability to the owners of the company. Owners, however, need to be sure they hav... Read More »

Can a state declare bankruptcy?

No, a state cannot declare bankruptcy. The United States Code explicitly lists parties who are authorized to declare bankruptcy. Since the U. S. Code does not authorize states, it implies that they... Read More »