Is it silly for me to want to get a laptop?

Answer I don't think it's wasteful, and i think a laptop would bee a good investment for a 26 year old. Life has gotten much more "computerized" and I certainly hope you type faster than you write. You ca... Read More »

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I Want To Clean My Helmet!!!! (no silly jokes please)?

This is the stuff you want;…I can recommend it. You can get it in many bike shops or lots of places on line including ebay.I have also had some success wit... Read More »

VGA to Phono - I want to connect my laptop to a TV using the VGA output from the laptop converting that to the?

You will need a converter like this:…and an extension cable what connects this converter to the TV.

I want to buy a laptop but I know dont which model to buy. I want to buy a Dell because I've found it cheap.?

Thought I'd add my two bits to this discussion too... lol. First of all, excellent choice, Dell systems are wonderful. They have award winning customer service, a fabulous website for support and d... Read More »

What is normal frequency of nocturnal emission Ya i know that its silly que. But i want to know ...?

If you are a young teenager it is normal for it to happen every night. ...........