Is it serious when your baby gums turn purple?

Answer I would definitely consult your doctor immediately to check you don't have some kind of gum disease. I don't want to worry you, but things like that seriously need checking out by a doctor just in ... Read More »

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Is it serious if your baby has purple colored gums and why does this happen?

Answer My first guess would be that it is normal for your child. But I personally would have it checked by a doctor or dentist anyway. Just to be safe.

What to do if your in a serious relationship with a girl who is pregnant and you know it is not your baby how do you deal with that because it can be so confusing when love is involved?

i think this is probably the same person who i just answered a question for, but ill try my best. being forgiving is the most important thing. One thing that might help you, just close your eyes. T... Read More »

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Does blood turn purple when out of the skin?

i think its a bruise.......or it could be a blood blister